This is probably one of the dumbest things that you could name a credit card. Ever. No, really. If you're american, and you're not from New England or the South, you wouldn't have cause to think about it. Because you pronounce your "r's ". I certainly didn't have cause the think about until today. My professor is from Poland. He learned Received Pronunciation when he learned English. He doesn't pronounce "r's". No one understands him when he was MasterCard.

I talked to my friend Michael for the first time since my friend Erin dropped out. He's awesome. We talked about the Green Party and some things that are going on this in town. He invited me to come to the Tibetan classes that just started on Tuesday morning. I'm interested, and I think I might go. I'm just worried that I'll fall behind in sanskrit if I start something else. However, I'm probably not going to continue in sanskrit next semester. sigh. I have to make some decisions about what I'm doing with myself.

...And then I checked my email...

Erin is coming back! She's going to start school on Monday. This is very exciting. yay. May there be ale and dancing and wild sex for everyone!