My neck hurts. A lot. This might have to do with the fact that I got may ass kicked by the neighbor boys out in the snow last night. Two of my roommates and I, and three of the neighbors trudged out into the snow, and wrestled until we couldn't feel our toes and our fingers anymore. I managed to run all the way across the park, to the river while we were waiting for one of the boys to get ready. This is no small feat, mind you, because in some places the snow had drifted up to my knees, (and I'm 5'9". I ran just the same. Mine were the only set of tracks out that far. (I'm pretty proud of that. hee.) There's a snow angel under a tree by the river. Hopefully someone else will see it before it melts.

When we came in, frozen, we went upstairs and offered hugs to our other neighbors. Who, declined because they had to "study or something."

Good day. Good day.