This makes two day logs in a row for me. Wow. I feel like I'm on the emotional roller coaster from hell. I am happy because I have a plan for life, I admit, it's a shot term plan and only really encompasses a year and a half now, but it is a plan nonetheless. I am sad because, until today, I never realized how many ghosts this town held for me. I am happy because I got a new job! ( I'm a computer lab monitor for my university. It's pretty low key and it pays better than my previous job in food service. You can't get any better than that.) I am sad because getting this job means cutting myself off from a few things I used to really enjoy doing. You get the picture. I don't know whether to look at the bad side of things and say, " This sucks." Or the good side and say, "Wow. I get to live this."

And MoJoe, Good Luck.