Blondie is also the title of their debut album. The band actualy started off as a pop-punk band (kinda like some of The Ramones stuff). They hung out with the gang at CBGB's in New York, which included Iggy Pop, Television, The Ramones and The New York Dolls. Debbie, apparently, did not get along very well with Patti Smith. In her own words: "Fred Smith fucking quit Blondie. I was pissed. I was pissed at all of them -all of Television, all of the Patti Smith Group, and Patti and Fred. I was pissed at Patti because she talked Fred into joining Television. Boy, did he make a mistake. Ha ha ha." (From Please Kill Me)

1.X Offender (Harry/Valentine) - 3:14
2.Little Girl Lies (Harry) - 2:07
3.In the Flesh (Harry/Stein) - 2:32
4.Look Good in Blue (Destri) - 2:55
5.In the Sun (Stein) - 2:40
6.A Shark in Jet's Clothing (Destri) - 3:39
7.Man Overboard (Stein) - 3:21
8.Rip Her to Shreds (Harry/Stein) - 3:22
9.Rifle Range - 3:41
10.Kung Fu Girls (Destri/Harry/Valentine) - 2:32
11.The Attack of the Giant Ants (Stein) - 3:24