Hodie is talking about transferring. This is terrible, it brings the body count to something much too high to discuss.

Erin is five and a half hours away. This is also terrible.I sleep poorly.

There exists, with the college expirence, a certain impenetrable optimism. It says to each of us, "This is the first day of the rest of your life". It whispers, "The world is your oyster. Crack it, baby!" It screams and shouts and flails, spinning it's arms in paroxsyms of youthful vigor. When one of betrays this grand truth, the one good thing we have, it hurts. They may have all the reason in the world, still, it is betrayl and it looks foolish.

A few words on the city: It is glorious and youthful. It smells like diesel fuels and dirty sidewalks and a little bit like heaven. It has wonderful shops and a beaming optimism amongst the stark anomisty it works so hard to perpetuate. Yet, it is not everything. It will make you hard and cold and steal the life from your bones if you stay there too long. Be careful if you do this, don't waste good years.

What we have, by virtue of youth, is all the promise in the world. The potential to break our legs and sit in a ditch for the next 4-6 decades in enormous. This does not stop us from charging the finish line. We are enormous. We are indestructible. We are fragile and likely to be broken.

I love you