the events in my life have caused me to determine that I am somehow destined for greatness. I have an innate knack for every task I encounter. I also would like to do many different types of things, but I lack the knowledge of whom to contact.

I'd like to do other things, but they, unfortunately, cost money. Something that I don't have on hand. I would love to work on classic cars, or building a garishly superlative Low-rider.

I would start a band but I can't find the right interpersonal chemistry. My inability to write music might have something to do with it too. So, I'm a bit stumped.

I've accomplished two great personal achievements so far, One each in my spiritual life, and my romantic. I have actually met, and taken photographs of my spirit animal. I have also met the woman Which I would like to believe I will marry someday. I just can't help asking "What's next?" Maybe I'll stumble on it, maybe it'll be the Graduate-like advice of investing in something about to blow up on the market. Maybe I'll go down in infamy, but I doubt it.

Anything scientific is out mainly because I don't do well with physical science.

I dunno, maybe I'll have children that will be forever remembered, and that's where my legacy will lie.

Most days I've got to remind myself that I'm still a kid.