Disclaimer: this is just a collection of personal revelations, admissions, conclusions, and other shit like that.

"I've got something to say!" Jerry Blank, Strangers with Candy

I admit that I am:
One really WEIRD little monkey
slightly schizophrenic
In love with my ideal mate
a wonderful person
A housepet posing as a predator
I'm a social middle child(I don't really belong, and I'm overlooked)
a secret agent for Cupid

I admit that I have:
a twisted sense of what is funny
an odd way of showing affection for my male friends
more close female friends than male friends
an overly needy cat
an Alter-ego
a very high code of ethics

I have noticed that, even with female friends that I had before I met my current girlfriend, I tend to become the "Gay Friend". I have transcended the dreaded "Friend Zone," and have moved into a social status where I'm so sexually non-threatening, that It is a non-issue. to quote one friend, I "might as well not have a dick"

I am now what women will bitch about wanting to find, date, marry, and bear children with when they're thirty. There are two inherent problems with this gift. One, older women just see me as just as kid, with no defined future. Women my age have been systematically snubbing me, and continually disproving my theory that you should be a girl's friend before you should try to date her, since I can remember. By the time women my age are ready to date men like me, we tend to end up being too bitter to be the maryring type. But by then we're angry enough to fuck a whole lot of girls like the ones that used to snub guys like me, and gain a sense of emotional closure.

The last two paragraphs tend to be less of an issue now that I'm seeing someone, but it is nonetheless a shot to my ego, and it still really sucks

I GET THROUGHLY ANNOYED WITH: damn near everything I end up encountering except my friends, you know who you are.