Oh my head... For the novice geek (oxymoron?), setting up cgi scripts on WinNT servers is not pleasant, and at six dollars an hour is sure to violate some kind of workers' rights. I often ask myself how I got here. Why do people think setting up an ordering form is so easy? that its integrated into the capabilities of the windows hegemony? Hell I don't even know how to use Unix, and yet I wound up in a proverbial nine to five (okay eight to four), setting up an Intranet Website.

I've never professed to be a techie. I enjoy 3D design, polar calculus, and philosophy. These are the things that drive me.

So here I am trying to get the perl interpreter to work, and translating UNIX scripts to work under WinNT, all to no avail. Eight hours and nothing accomplished, 'cept instead of "error 403" its now "CGI error".

The Future will be controlled by geeks-Paraphrasing My Dad