Pain....I realize my life is insignificant, and that no matter how much I exert myself I couldn't even alter the path of the moon (An exceptionally modest celestial body). I know there are people who suffer immeasureable torture because of life....people who have no limbs, and must deal with horrified looks of passing strangers.... little children who lay twitching, victims to land mines of wars they never wanted to fight... I know what I suffer is not important at all and is trivial to the extreme. I know this, but I will still complain.

Right now I'm am sick. I've been sick for the past week, and my abdominal muscels are tired of spasming so as to expel as much air as possible from my mucus filled alveoli. Its just that that damn bronchial itch won't go away. My head has filled like an overripe melon. Filled with fluids, and commencing to rot....OHHHHH MY FUCKING HEAD.

Sleeping won't help. My trachia itches so much that I become apoplectic trying to evacuate my lungs. I can't breathe. What's worse is that I'm not quite sick enough to merit staying in from school. The illness get's bareable....bareable. And the pressure's of school aren't helping any.

I know I'm bitching, and I know I'm a worthless speck on this world, and that my pain is only an iota of that of others. I now all this...but still it fucking hurts.