Just last night I had what was probably my most disturbing dream in a long while. I think it warrants recording, either for posterity or merely just to clarify my thoughts. The order of events was a bit hazy so I'm just going to try to reconstruct it logically.

There's a naked woman standing in some sort of corridor. It's either dimly lit or just darkly colored. In any case she is clearly lit. I'm in a steam-roller, and I run her over.

The woman's body is on the ceiling. It is not deformed other than that several of her internal organs have been displace, most notably the liver. There is no apparent rupture, but she is clearly dead. She vaguely resembles some sort of stylized roadkill.

At this point someone, my companion, comes in. He resembles something of a goofy looking 50's movie star. We discuss something. There aren't any words but we decide that I should work on the lower half and he will take care of the upper half. There is no discussion of what 'taking care' means but we both seem to know. He leaves.

I take the lower half of the woman's body. I do not cut or actively separate it, I merely take it. I then proceed to remove the skin from the legs. I am enjoying it, not for sadistic or sexual reasons. I am just enjoying.

The scene changes from the corridor to a to a dim black and white forest. I am with a woman. It could be the same or a different woman. No attention to detail is paid. This time, however, she is dressed.

We are both trying to flee from something. I realize that we are running from my companion. My companion approaches with a sinister smile, and a menacing posture giving his previously goofy frame a sturdy appearance. I seem to realize that he is truly evil.

I wake up

The violent content of the dream itself didn't disturb me so much as the fact that when I was butchering the woman I was enjoying it. I've recently had problems with violence and overreaction, and I'm beginning to fear that I'm becoming a sociopath. In any case I think that the fact that I wasn't actually deriving happiness from cruelty, and that my companion was "the evil one" signify something.