Disclaimer:I by no means want to disparage mycountry of habitat with this log. I have really enjoyed my stay here, by the [irksome9 nature of the days events have caused me to write this log.

Dec. 6, 1917. It was the first world war, and Russia had just been severely beaten by the German forces. In the ceding of its many lands, it gave up Finland, bestowing upon it...independence.

Dec 6, 2000. 83 years later, Finland celebrates its independence in the most glorious of manners....By watching the social elite shake hands with the president for 3 FUCKING HOURS!!!!!. And whats worse!? The monotonous drones who host the televised cast, commenting on the exquisiteness of the ladies' dresses, and on the past of accomplishments of this years attendees.

This isn't so bad actually. I don't mind. People have a right to do what they want, and celebrate their independence in any manner they choose; no matter how I hold it. What bothers me though, is the fact that it disrupts my usual TV schedule! I mean How can ANYBODY STAND TO WATCH AS ARSSI HARJU SHAKES(Finnish gold medalist in Olympic shot-put) SAYS HELLO TO THE PRESIDENT? Come on people get a life, and let me be reclusive and watch my usual TV.

The Finns fought two bloody wars against the Russians in the second world war, and we managed to fend them off, keeping us from ever entering the soviet bloc. We were the only country to pay full WWII reparations, and this is how we celebrate? There ought to be great parties and magnificent shows, honoring those who fought and cherishing the modern system of fair democratic government. Cherish the fact that we weren't assimilated by the Soviets, and that we have become a well-off country.

No this cannot be for we have to have one more year. We have to watch the celebs in their pretty dresses and tuxedos walk by and shake hands with the president. At least its only once a year.