End of the day or just about. Its 11:07.

Accomplishments today

Today is my most nodeful day ever. (going for 3); Acquired some questionable substances from a friend; made dinner; Did some stuff in school; Nothing spectacular, 'cept I am proud to have finally put into words my proof for e^i(theta)=cis(theta).


Well I am glad to have time to write, but, sometimes it feels like I'm spewing bullcrap. Not this time though. With my proof I really feel a sense of accomplish, far greater than finishing any physics lab or history essay. This was my choice and I feel better for letting the world know about it.

As for substance abuse, I just think now is time of reflection on change. Since my two years in finland, a great deal of change has occured. I've gone from a somewhat apathetic lazy minded but intelligent person, who gushed what was taught to him; to a more open minded active thinker(largely philosophy), who is beginning to make his own decisions. I no longer repeat what was ground into my head 4 years ago. Instead I decide what is true or not. But still at this time of reflection I do wonder would I be friends with myself two years ago? Then I would've spouted something trite and unthinking about my behaviour now, whilst my now-self would argue to no avail with my past-self.

The other things seem trite, but nonetheless I've fed myself, and I learned information of a calliber les valuable than knowing the torque of cylindrical ball bearings to spherical. So here I sit sippng my float pondering the irony of life, coming to no conclusion except that it is there.