I’m glad that the person in the above account had received some good advice and so was able teach that bastard a lesson. Sadly not all people are that lucky.

The above writer highlights a very important point. When you try to fight back your assailant will try to make you comply by hurting you! This is a fact!

First the attacker will try bargaining with you. The "do this and you will not get hurt" line is a bit of a favourite with this scum. Psychologically it disarms the victim allowing them to get their sick little jollies. However studies have shown (fact again) that the attacker has usually predetermined if they are going to hurt their victim or not. So complying does not guarantee that they'll be nice.

In Addition studies have also found that those that fight back but still suffer the terrible ordeal of rape often find it easier to come to terms with the aftermath/trauma than those that complied.

So, Where am I going with this? As a martial arts instructor, I give my students and non-martial artists the same advice. "The best way to give yourself a fighting chance is to REGULARLY train in some art that promotes close quarter self-defence application." Going on a 6 session course to be shown a few techniques and expecting to be able to recall these techniques under pressure when you are attacked 5 years later is a long shot. These techniques need to be second nature!

As I said earlier if you start to fight back the attacker is highly likely to try to hurt you. (Usually a punch in the face) This creates an adrenaline dump. The adrenaline dump is often mistaken for fear and so the victim usually complies at this point. At this point however the victim should do the exact opposite. They should fight back with every thing they have in them. Scratch, bite, spit, swear, kick, punch, whatever!

This does not guarantee that you will get away and not get hurt but neither does complying. So the decision has to be made by the victim. Will you comply? this option means you MIGHT not get hit so many times but what sort of guilt will you feel afterwards? It's hard to say. You have to decide which is the right way for you.

I hope that none who read this will ever need this information.