Exercise log:
  • Pushups: 45 (almost 50!)
  • Side-kicks: 35, each side (those are really tough)
  • Situps: 115

Insomnia log: None, but I was still tired from the weekend.

No more need for a tongue log, the piercing is pretty much healed. I'm still rinsing with blue listerine, but I'm also consolidating my meals to just two or three a day, because I hate the taste of the mouthwash. Which basically means I'm on a diet, because I don't eat a lot at once; I'd rather eat a bunch of small meals throughout the day.

She kissed me! I know, I mentioned this yesterday, but I'm just reminding myself. I'm going to invite her out on a date this weekend. That sounds silly. I hate dating. But I'm not close enough (to the dorms she lives in) to do the college dating thing, which is just basically hanging around each other until something happens. So I have to act more like a grownup, and plan things. Ugh.

What's more, I hate typical dates. I feel pressure to come up with something creative, something romantic, when all I really care about is hanging out with her and having fun. But I feel obligated to be different, to somehow show that I have some kind of interesting life she should be part of.

Dating sucks.