Exercise Log:
Insomnia: Wierd. I feel asleep ok, but I overslept, turned my alarm clock off, and somehow reset the hour back one. So I woke up at what I thought was 9:30, and it turned out to be 10:30. Talk about disorienting.
Tongue log: It's fun to play with, but it started hurting again this morning because I played with it too much yesterday. I think the listerine is permanently staining my tongue blue.

Going to work late sucks. I've got a cool job where it doesn't really matter much if I'm late as long as I'm on schedule. But my office it right next to another IS person's office, and he's a wierd one. Sometimes I think he wants me to screw up badly, either to make him look good or get me fired.

Watched Heavy Metal: 2000 last night. It sucked. A lot.

I'm going to a costume party tomorrow night. I feel a little better about this now, because I have a costume worked out. I borrowed some wierd clothes from a friend, and I'm going as a raver. This doesn't seem very odd, except that I always wear black. Plus, I'm gonna bring a pacifier and wear candy necklaces and stuff. Maybe even get some glow sticks.