Exercise log:
  • Pushups - 35 (yah, I feel rugged)
  • Side-kicks - 40, each side (ouch!)
  • Situps - 90 (slow and steady on those. Feel the burn!)

Insomnia: Mild. Took me a little while to sleep. And I overslept so much I decided to take the day off. Good thing I have a job where I can do that.
Tongue log: Apart from the urges to kiss random people to see what it's like, it's mostly back to normal. The divot is barely noticeable. Not bad for four days of healing. On the other hand, my teeth are taking on a blueish hue thanks to all the listerine I have to gargle.

I have to come up with a costume for a costume party this weekend. I was thinking of going as Bug-eyed Earl from Red Meat, but realized that finding a pewter cow-skull western tie clasp would be a bitch. So I think I'll go as a raver. That'll confuse 'em.