Exercise log:
  • Situps: 65 (I might have been doing them wrong the other day.)
  • Pushups: 30 (Man, I feel buff.)
  • Side-kicks: 30 (Ow, my ass!)
Insomnia: None. I fell asleep early and slept for a whole 12 hours before getting up with plenty of time for work. It's nice to be well-rested, but I feel like a slacker who wasted an extra four hours of life. Then again, I'd probably just have played video games for those four hours, anyway.
Tongue log: Doesn't hurt at all today and the swelling is gone down a little. There's still an odd little divot in the top of my tongue around the top bead, which I hear is normal and should go away. In other news, I can't stop thinking about what it'd be like to kiss that girl I like, once both of our tongues heal.

The other advantage to sleeping so long is that you have plenty of time to dream.