Exercise Log: None.
Insomnia: None. Thank marijuana for that.

I seem to node about the previous day, as if I'm living one day behind myself. But I find it easier to node about the previous day, after I've had a chance to digest it in my dreams.

Yesterday, the girl I like came with me to get my tongue pierced. On the way, I was paying too much attention to her and my genica mp3 player, and almost lost control of the car. Instead, I clipped a fence and lost my right-side mirror. Oops. I'm sure that impressed her greatly.

The piercing was exciting. I got in, filled out a form, was escorted into a little doctor's office. A really hot woman, who was probably a dominatrix on her own time gave me a cup of Listerine and told me to rinse. Then I sat down, she clamped my tongue with a pair of forceps, and shoved a needle through my tongue. It was all over in about two minutes from the time I walked in the door until the time I was walking back out.

Today, it's a little swollen, and I'm having a hard time eating solid foods. I already hate the taste of listerine blue.

This will be worth it, though, when it heals and I have someone to kiss.

Oh yeah, I'm home again, so I'll be exercising again. I don't think missing two days is a bad thing; a lot of exercise plans suggest 15 minutes, three times a week.