Exercise log:
  • Situps - 0
  • Pushups - 0
  • Side kicks - 0

Insomnia: None. I forcefully knocked myself out with Absinthe, marijuana, and salvia. OK, I went to a party last night and got drunk instead of following my exercise plan. Sue me.

On the other hand, a cute girl that I like was at the party too, and she was flirting with me. She's coming with me when I get my tongue pierced tonight. I also had a rather bizzare dream about her.

No big drug cocktail for me, at least not tonight. I'm not going to trip my ass off with a new tongue piercing. I'd wind up wondering why my tongue was all swollen, and then start believing that aliens had implanted little baby alien fetuses in my tongue, and do something silly like hack it off with a knife.