Exercise log:
  • Pushups: 50 (And I didn't really cheat, either!)
  • Side-kicks: 40, each side (I was careful to make sure I was doing them right, so I was doing them slower.)
  • Crunches: 60
Insomnia log: None. Even though I slept in the previous morning, and had only been awake about 13 hours.

The irish girl was acting a little strange on chat the last night. I wonder if maybe I said something wrong when we had our half-awake breakfast date. It's possible, but most of that morning is just a blur, anyway. She cut it short and went off to get her cards read. Except she called 'em Terot cards. Oh well. I'd try to ask her out on another date, but I know she's busy this coming weekend. Maybe we'll end up at the cast party together or something.

Crazy-ass dreams last night.

I don't know if the house is selling or not, since I haven't seen my mother since Thursday. We're a family of individuals, and don't really worry if we don't run into each other for a while.