Sexy DJ: I had set up a new goth club with a friend of mine, which we're actually working to do in real life. She was there, along with an awful lot of people I didn't know. The DJ, however, was a beautiful goth/rivethead girl and completely had my attention. Since I ran the club, it wasn't at all weird for me to walk up onto the DJ platform, stand behind her for a while, and undress her with my eyes. Only when I did that, she suddenly really was undressed. She smiled at me, and that meant it was ok to touch her, so I did. It was very erotic, just touching her shoulder and arms, lightly, just trying to turn her on. It went on like that for a while, with her only paying half attention to me, but also spinning records for the club. It went on like that; it should have been frustrating, trying to get her attention, but it was really erotic, too.