The Ugly-ass piano: I start taking piano lessons again from my first piano teacher. I can't remember a thing, but he thinks I should be able to play as well as I ever did. So, after he leaves, I resolutely decide to relearn how to play on my own, since I've done this a few times. A friend has a piano, only it's been painted a gray color, with exterior house paint, and it's been layered on really thick. It turns out it isn't his piano, but actually belongs to another semi-friend. Why he would own a piano is beyond me. The house I grew up in was painted that color, and I think the piano was actually located in the same room we used to have a piano in.

Woah. I know Capoeira!: It starts off as an odd trip to various BBS's that I used to haunt, back in the day. I think maybe there were some nitrous balloons involved, too. But finally, it settles down into a free club space where they spin techno and such. A friend of mine comes to visit, and DJ there. When the music starts, I'm dancing around with a long golden chain, spinning it and occasionally hitting myself. Then, I'm doing crazy Capoeira moves, like a one-handed handstand, all while spinning this chain around. I do want to learn Capoeira, but I don't have the motivation. The techno bit with the chain? I dunno... Freaky. Some kind of self-flagellation undercurrents there. Maybe even a reference to DNA (golden braid?).