The Discordian Code is more of a lesson than it is a useful device. Initiates are taught the code (along with many other antimnemonic devices) to convey deeper meaning. In this way, the teaching of the Discordian Code is similar to that of a zen koan.

The sooper-sekrit meaning behind the Discordian Code lesson is given below:

The secret lesson behind the Discordian Code koan:


The initiate, learning the Discordian Code (which is more accurately a cypher) is forced to perform meaningless tasks of letter sorting, letter/number translation and ordering of numbers in what basically amounts to alphabetizing all the letters in a message. The outcome in any sufficiently large message is essentially gibberish, as the process is not reversible. The lesson, therefore, is that arbitrary application of Order yields Chaos.

c.f. Bureaucracy, Government