Last Night

My plans to go to the Baltimore Aquarium fell through. My husband was too tired and cranky. We actually left the house to go, but he kept griping about everything. So I told him I would rather go some other time when he was in a better mood.

So, we grabbed some Burger King food, went to a nearby park and sat for a little while listening to the stillness. When we got back home, he decided he was awake enough to hit a golf ball around the back yard and to fix the turbo wastegate on his truck.

I went to the basement, cleaned up cat pee (Yeah me), walked a mile on the treadmill, and did some situps. Reading through Lometa's and Funnytoes' daylogs has inspired me. I am tired of being overweight! I know that a mile isn't very far to walk, but I have a problem with my foot and didn't want to overdo it.

My Foot Problem

The foot problem I have was caused by kicking too many people's asses! (Just kidding!) Seriously - I have a condition called Plantar Fasciitis (which is not Plantars Warts). Basically, there is a muscle that runs from the heel across the bottom of your foot. It is surrounded by tissue called fascia. Somehow (probably going from not exercising at all, to doing Tai Bo) I caused injury to the fascia, causing it to swell and become painful. Standing on my feet too much, or too strenuous an exercise, will reinjure the fascia. For some people, only surgery fixes the problem. I am still in the stretch it every day and hope for some improvement phase. And since it is still painful every morning, I am probably reinjuring it every day.


Boring boring boring. I worked on a stupid poster (which no one will even look at) for my company's Quality of Business Life Council (that's QOBLC to you!) I think it was actually supposed to be called the Quality of Life Business Council, but someone had already developed the logo wrong.

I then dragged a friend out to lunch. He had originally said that he had too much to do. I asked if there was anything I could do for him, and, upon inspecting his list he decided there was no way he was going to complete it all today, therefore he might as well go out to lunch.

After lunch, I returned a call from a headhunter. The position sounded the same as what I am doing here (except maybe with more work), but it would be a lot longer of a commute so I told him I wasn't interested.

Favorite Node Created Today

Death of an Unpopular Poet

Plans for Tonight

Eat a secret dinner being prepared by my hubby, drink some wine and RELAX.

Thank God It's Friday