Well, another lonely day at the office. I started and finished working on the project my former-boss-who-is-still-in-charge-of-me-somehow left. It would have been a hell-of-a-lot easier if he had identified the graphics with something other than pic1, pic2,... pic54.

Since I finished that by lunch, I took a long lunch (due to the slow-ass waitress) and returned to node away the afternoon.

Pleasant Moment

I received a love note from my Hubby via e-mail this morning. He knows how difficult it has been for me to sit here doing next to nothing for 2 months, and he sent me a little note to cheer me up.

Favorite Node Created Today

moon shadows

Plans for Tonight

Eat a quick dinner and go to the Aquarium in downtown Ball Mer, Merlin. Hopefully we will be in time to see the dolphin show.

Surf City - Here Comes the Sharks