July 15, 1998

First, there was nothing. Then nate said "Let there be Everything!", and there was still nothing, but there was a place to node it. nate, Dem Bones, CmdrTaco, hemos, and a few others planted a few nodes but alone they could never node it all.

Soon, the noders came. At first only a few: pi, Shanoyu, coleman, Altus, Boing, hype, Malachi, and some others.

The First Day of Everything was dark indeed, for no one could hope to challenge the creator and his minions in nodership. pi was powerful, but The Administration had many professional noders all working together, while the civilians all noded separately.

On the Second Day of Everything came the first Civilian Noder who could challenge the combined power of The Administration: The great pingouin

On the Third Day of Everything Malachi the Great became aware of a problem: He realized that one day The Everything Turf War could destroy Everything. Warring factions fighting for nodeshare, nodetheft everywhere. The same day, the node that would long be hailed as the most powerful--and the most evil--for many ages was created. MR.T ATE MY BALLS rose to power.

It wasn't for many months that people realized that it was a threat. They created nodes to fight it, but none had the soft-links of MR.T.

Almost a year after MR.T was created, a wise young noder created The Node Linked to All Others and enlisted the help of others to help ensure it fulfilled it's destiny. In a few weeks it surpassed MR.T in nodosity. Additionally, we had powerful noders such as Pseudo_Intellectual and JeffMagnus. The Administration was losing it's evil grip on the Database.

On September 10, 1999, just 15 days after the creation of The Node Linked to All Others, The Administration seduced six powerful noders into joining them. Only Pseudo-Intellectual resisted the temptation to submit. One of those who fell was the creator of The Node Linked to All Others. It was now under their power.