Were the questioned people distributed evenly around the country?

56% felt that the Bible should be taught as factual text in history and/or Social Studies.

It's the most influential book in western civilization. It should be taught, but neither as fact nor fiction. Just taught.

67% think that public comments that are offensive to racial groups, religious groups, or some community members should not be allowed.

If i were ever to have a child, I would try to teach ey to try not to offend people. Don't be a jerk, but you do and should have the right to say stuff offensive. But don't do it just purely to offend people (Perhaps an unenforceable difference, but most laws are).

70% believe TV networks should not project election winners until all the polls close. (Do they really mean should not, or should not be allowed to?)

If you don't vote because somebody told you one candidate was so far ahead that she was sure to win, then it's your fault if your candidate losing because he didn't get your vote, not the fault of that person.

83% percent think TV/video game violence and some music lyrics contributes to real-life violence

They're right. A well raised (IMO) kid won't be effected by that stuff, but if your kid doesn't understand the difference between that stuff and Real Life and doesn't understand why killing is bad. (Actually, I believe the respondants said that these were the primary causes, in which case, they're wrong. The chief cause is as I said above.)
Try telling the advertisers that fictional television doesn't influence us. they'll laugh.

51% actually oppose a flag burning amendment, the first time there's been a majority against it.

First time since this poll was first taken, that is. :-)

37% of people polled could not even name one of the five freedoms guaranteed in the first amendment.

Freedom of the press, freedom to speak out against the government (or is it just "freedom of speech" in general?), freedom of religion. Okay, I'll look up the rest. :-)

Alright, I got three of five. IMO, 80% should be the minimum passing grade for most tests.

Were these all adults surveyed? Did you discount those who sarcastically commented "oh, gosh! I can't think of even one!"?