I got up and went to the mess hall. It was a mess. The teen sleep over was there and the floor and tables were covered with bodies. (They looked dead but you find out otherwise when you step on one)
Evan did a flip down the steps but I missed it but still benefited later. It was totally cool, so I hear.

When we left at about 14:00-16:00 Eric (There were 3 Eriks there. This was the medium one :-) went in our car and Tem42 went in Sammy's car. We all stopped off at Sammy's house and and supper. I got two Battle Droid Star Wars Pepsi Cans (I didn't have those yet) and then we went home. (with Tem42, not Eric)
Now I'm back home now and I'm viewing my new Everything ├╝berpowers.

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