Pepsi was invented around 1900 by Caleb Bradham, a New Bern, NC. druggist who first formulated Pepsi-Cola.
If you live in New Bern, NC all the Pepsi billboards say "Born in New Bern, NC". If you live in Eastern NC (New Bern is eastern) they all say "Born in Eastern NC". I suspect if you go to western NC the billboards will say "Born in North Carolina" and in South Carolina it probably says "Born in the Carolinas."
Pepsi (Symbol: PEP) has a lot of subcompanies with hundreds of brands. Here are some of the best known:
Pepsi-Cola TropicanaFrito-LayQuaker Oats
    I'll try to get a list.
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Sickeningly big, isn't it?

PepsiCo currently gets the majority of its revenues from snack chips unit Frito-Lay Co. In the third quarter ended Sept. 2, Frito-Lay accounted for almost 62 percent of the company's revenues, Pepsi-Cola brought in 27.2 percent, and juice maker Tropicana Products Inc., the leader in the branded juice market, made up for about 11 percent of total sales. --