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I really didn't expect to get this much space for a Bio. When you join hotmail and other such sites the give you a box about the size of the password entry box. Oh man. Now i've got to be interesting for so much longer. Oh wait actually no i don't. Because the chances of you reading this are pretty small really. What are the odds that you will stumble across my bio instead of someone elses? Unless yo already know me and then you'll probably have got used to my rambling train of thought style (I stole it from kerouac so that i would look cooler) Is it cool to like Kerouac anymore? It used to be cool. Everybody used to have a copy of The Dharma bums in their back pocket. But then also everybody believed raping and pillaging and burning villages to the ground were valid and important stages in the life of a male. So i guess we can't trust history for everything they teach us.

See if this was hotmail i wouldn't have been writing this bit

Or this bit