While I agree with much of what you say, I beg to differ on a certain point:
It's not like there's one group doing the separating. Holding things like Latin Emmy's or Black Music Awards or whatever else are segregating them as different from others. If there were a White-Only Awards show all hell would break loose.
Latinos and blacks, as well as Jews, Mormons and other minorities, not to mention women, have been discriminated against through all of the White-Male-Protestant American history. Being minority groups, the chance of discrimination by these people hurting others is low, to say the least, and their need to unite in cultural (and sometimes physical) self-defense is relatively high. A black sorority in Kenya or a Jewish club in Israel will be as discriminating as a white-Protestant only establishment in the states, but the Latin Emmy or Black Music awards are only giving people a second chance they may well need. As we all tend to practice ingroup favoritism subconsciously, until the day people don't define groups by ethnic background, sex and religion lets give minorities the second chance they need: they encounter more people who perceive them to be part of an outgroup, after all.