There are 525,600 minutes in a year. (Rent)
A noose can make a pretty good murder weapon. (Phantom of the Opera)
Seductions in Paris can cause impotence. (Victor/Victoria)
Love transcends gender. (Victor/Victoria)
Having sex with a desperate prostitute can come back to haunt you later. (Miss Saigon)
The sun will come out tomorrow. (Annie)
If your ocean liner has struck an iceberg...sing about it! (Titanic)
Sometimes altruistic sacrifice just means the jerk gets the girl. (Tim Rice's Beauty and the Beast)
Attitude can take you far in life.(Evita)
So can naive charm. (My Fair Lady)
But no matter what, don't challenge the blind kid to pinball. (Tommy)
A pirouette can be macho. (West Side Story) -Evil_Catullus
Sleeping your way to the top of a fascist empire can be fun and easy. (Evita) - Evil_Catullus
Death is the best solution to unrequited love (Les Miserables) - Impartial
Fishnets are alien mind control devices. (RHPS) - Impartial
The farmer and the cowman should be friends (Oklahoma) - sphere777

Feel free to /msg me with lessons you have learned from musicals.