For once, I was acutely aware I was dreaming.

I was at some sort of Christian worship service in a gymnasium with my family on my right and Garth Brooks on my left. Everyone stood for hymns, and Garth said something along the lines of "Well, let's break the ice." He grabbed my hand, I took my sister's, and as the rest of the congregation followed suit, Garth began an a capella rendition of Amazing Grace. Slowly, each row began line dancing as we sang, and at the song's end, Garth called out for someone else to lead the next song. To my horror, my sixteen year old niece sang out, "I think I did it again..." and spurred the entire gym into singing a Britney Spears song. Hands were dropped so people could emulate the teen pop star's strip club dance moves. After seeing my big sister grab her cha-chas and shake her booty one too many times, I ran crying from the gym, not even pausing to get Garth's autograph.

I exited the gym into the Himalayas, where I knew I was on a college trip. Icy rain was drizzling over me as I made my way into the one United Dairy Farmers in the Himalayas to buy a 70-page notebook. And it had to be college ruled! The proprietess of the convenience store was from my college, but she was a shrew and assured me that the notebook I needed to complete a research assignment would not arrive for another two weeks.

"We don't get many helicopters up here, you know that." The assignment was due the next day, so I knew I was screwed. I decided to fake my death and went farther up the mountain in search of the Abominal Snowman. I wanted to make a deal with him...deliver fellow students to him in exchange for him making it look like he had eaten me. "Make it look good...just a little blood in my tent will do."