I saw myself from an overhead third-person viewpoint, moving like Lara Croft...jump, backflip, shoot...trying to make my way through a narrow forest path filled with wolves. Wolves who tried to pick my pockets. Finally surviving the passage, I was first-person, and knew I was a young child playing with others in a grassy field or backyard. Several of us began to suspect a nearby thicket of trees concealed something of interest, and sent one dark-haired little girl to investigate. When she returned, she reported with wide eyes that nothing unusual was in there. I knew she was lying through her teeth, and urged everyone to investigate. We started to, but a child wearing a ten-foot tall robot exoskeleton stomped out and announced in Lord of the Flies fashion that we were freed from the bonds of authority.

A strange stone altar was erected, and two effigies were placed in kneeling positions on top. One was wearing a dress, the other a business suit. Mommy and Daddy. All the other children began to circle the altar and listen to the boy in the battlesuit, so I ran into the nearest building and found my mom. She was arguing with a clerk at a counter, with a large line of people growing impatient behind her. The walls were covered in electronic boards announcing departure and arrival times, so I ran to the service desk and urged my mom to stop nitpicking and get the first available hot air balloon away from there! She looked confused, but did so, and I went exploring through the building as we waited for our flight to arrive.

I wandered through a mazelike antique building/toy store, and couldn't resist opening a boxed set of Transformers action figures that contained fruit-flavored hard candy. A strange lady in a trenchcoat saw me and started shadowing me through the rooms, waiting for the chance to tell a security guard what an awful thing I had done. I ran faster and faster, trying to lose her in the mountains of junk, and I was still trying to elude her when I awoke.