Swimming in an icy ocean, I kept hearing snippets of conversation. I swam upwards towards the surface, and found myself making my way up the levels of a gigantic warehouse complex. As I reached each new floor, I could hear and see through the stairwell that the floor beneath was exploding, filled with lava.

The top floor led me to a library/hobby shop where I knew I had to find and paint models of old military planes to keep the lava beneath my floor. My director and a stranger were there, and the director asked if I was off-book. I couldn't remember my lines, so I said nothing and started painting. The stranger asked if I was hungry, and I was, so he called to order breadsticks and pizza...but there was a miscommunication. He asked for 8 slices of pizza, but the pizza boy brought 8 full pizzas, and I got stuck with the bill. I don't know how the pizza boy survived the lava to reach us.