The dream I just experienced kept wavering between lucid and...whatever the opposite of lucid is. I was taking a test in class, but couldn't concentrate due to several distractions. I don't actually remember ever looking down at the test...there were simply too many other things to see. Nothing looked quite right...faces were vague, everyone was moving strangely. Like stop-motion, or people moving jerkily in a strobe light.

My professor, an immaculate dresser, was wearing blood-soaked rags and kept asking female students if they had any Kleenexes in their purses. I just knew she had killed anyone from the previous class who failed the exam. The windows were open, and a dense fog kept drifting into the room even though we were on the second floor and the sun was shining directly on my desk. The professor warned us that we had only a few minutes remaining, and I became very frightened since I hadn't even started. I tried looking over the shoulder of the girl in front of me, but she wasn't writing anything either. She kept staring at a photo album, as though the test meant nothing to her. I realized at that point that it wasn't really happening, but the awareness must have been incidental or fleeting, because I couldn't get up from my seat to leave.

My director entered through the window, which must have reminded me of Salem's Lot because her eyes were dead when she leaned in to say "You're going to be too late."

Something in the way she said that hit home hard enough to wake me up. I frantically checked the clock...

I've got all the time in the world.