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All that time spent outside, unfortunatly mostly during the[day]. The real [beauty] comes out at [night]. Tonight, I went [stargazing] with my beautiful [girlfriend]. After a night out at [Pollie's], an establishment at which [food] is dispensed in [Appleton], [WI], I took the keys to her [Jeep]. The [moon] was full and the sky clear. When I had driven away from the lights of the [city], I parked the [Cherokee] on the side of the [road] and got out the [blankets] I had stashed in the back seat.

Soon enough, we were on top of the roof, laying down and looking up. Well- she was looking up. I couldn't take my [eyes] off her. The way the [moonlight] shone off her cheekbones and [reflected] in her eyes was something I won't forget for as long as I live. That's more than can be said for [important] dates such as our [anniversary] and [Sweethearts Day]. Numbers and names don't [stick] too well in my mind, but the more time I spend with [her], the more i find myself [amazed] by her.

Stargazing isn't so much about the [stars], but about the [company] with which you do it. The night sky brings out [feelings] and [thoughts] from people like nothing else can. I found myself learning more about my [relationship] with her than the stars. Deep [conversation] is like [stargazing] into the [soul].