It's been a while since I last daylogged, so here we go!

Anyways, the last three days of my life have been rather interesting. I am registering for Summer School at Georgia State University. 12 Credits. I hope it's not as much work as it looks like. I'm taking some neat classes, so it should at least be fun. Here they are:

  • Math 3000: Introduction to Higher Mathematics. This is a class that the school offers to math majors to catch up on all the things that we should learn instead of AP calculus, and never bothered to learn on our own. (That's what the course description says!) It's a credit, whether I know the material already or not.
  • Philosophy: Great Questions in Philosophy. No mention of answers. Oh well. Multicultural approach. Oh well. At least the professor is an expert in Hume and Descartes.
  • English: World Literature. I checked out, and this teacher was supposed to be really easy. I've read about 1/3 of the course material already, so the reading won't be quite as bad as normal. (Not just the excerpts in the Literature book, but the actual books they are from. The down side is a 5 and a 10 page paper.
  • Economics: Introduction to MacroEconomics. I don't know, it sounds fun. I've always been kind of interested in Economic theory. The downside is that I know it will be Keynesian Economics, but that what is en vogue nowadays, so i guess it will help me understand the crap coming from all the "educated" people about the economy.

Of course, I could take classes to fulfill requirements, but that's a bit silly, since I don't know where I'll be for college, and I may just go to Hebrew University and not get credit for any of these.

This afternoon, I took a nap. I normally like taking naps in the afternoon, but this afternoon, I set my cellphone alarm while my cellphone was on silent. I woke up half an hour ago, 7 or 8 hours after falling asleep. It's 3:15 AM. I guess I have all night to node...

Hope all the rest of you gets a good night's sleep. I'll try again on Shabbos.