So I'm re-writing my daylog. Sometimes a day changes for the better, and you just don't care what happened before. Anyways, this year I'm learning in a Yeshiva in Israel, and I've been having a really wonderful day. It isn't really any one thing, as much as it is that everything seems to be going well since this morning. I say down to study (with my study partner across the table from me,) and the entire page of Talmud that was sitting in front of me just seemed to work out. Maybe it was the work I put in all year, getting better at reading aramaic, and practice certainly does make perfect, but it seemed like more than that. When I opened up the commentary on the Mishna by Rambam, I understood the issues, and came up with good questions and a good understanding of what was going in in the issue presented

In my shuir (it means class, it's on my list of things to node,) the logic presented was clear, I followed the discussion, and I really felt like I was gaining understanding of the subjects presented. I was able to tak about the different sides, see the problems with various understandings that had been presented, and understood why the conclusion answered them.

In the afternoon, I was able to get through more of the material that I was supposed to cover before class began than usual, and I know that it wasn't particularly easy gemara, and that feels really good. I am having another shiur in 15 minutes on Ruth, and I am prepared, and I think that I'll really get what's going on. It feels nice to be able to say, every once in a while: "I'm having a really good day" (Even if I didn't get to take my afternoon nap.)

It would be nice if I said it more often.