So I open up my copy of the Jerusalem Post this morning and I start reading an article entitled "New Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Heralds Real Change." Knowing that, in all likelyhood, this was just another ploy of the The Myth of the Liberal Media to make me beleive that the PA wasn't a giant mistake, so I began to let my eyes wander around the page. The next article, which I noticed with even less surprise than normal, was entitled "70% of Palestinians Approve of Suicide Bombers, a New Study Shows." Normally almost completely immune to Irony, I nevertheless glanced back at the previous article. The two headlines were literally right next to one another.

I was somewhat amused by this, until I realized that an editor had to actually approve this page layout. I checked, and it turns out that this wasn't even the editorial page. Maybe other papers have split personalities, but you'd think that they could at least alternate pages! I know that Israel isn't the most normal country in the world, but I though they might at least figure out what their opinions were before publishing a newspaper.

In conclusion, the media bias I keep hearing about is obviously wrong: The media isn't Liberal or conservative, It's just crazy.