I'm back from Israel, as of Sunday. I managed not to sleep for 48 hours, between 10 cups of coffee on my El-Al flight, and saying goodbye to my friends, and being excited about being home. By the way, Song airlines (Delta's cheap flights branch) was pretty cool, even though the flight to Atlanta was delayed for 1/2 an hour. Instead of an inflight video, we got game boy advance systems, and we were kept informed about exactly how late we were, and why.

I just discovered something really cool: Since I'm taking summer classes at Georgia State University, and I have a laptop with a network card, I can Node during class! As I hear a lecture about determinism, I can be noding about my Macro-Economics Notes, or Vice-Versa. This is good. Of course, It probably means that my grades will plummet, and that is bad. Short term good vs. Long term bad, so clearly I should choose...

But here I am noding anyways.

In other news, my parent's cat peed on my suitcase. This is the cat that started peeing when I got my kitten, and continued even after my parents decided that the greater good was to give my kitten away. Not that I'm bitter. Not at all incredibly bitter. I didn't even say I told you so. (That waits until the next time I see my parents, and tell them that my $150 peice of luggage was ruined.)