Disclaimer: I had this dream about 5 years ago, and I very rarely remember my dreams, so this one is pretty memorable. I have never done drugs, and was in no way in an unusual state of mind the night before this dream.

I'm standing, with my friend Ezra, on a big semi-circular dias/staircase thing outside of a palace. The prince is leaving on a chariot, with his entourage. Suddenly, from the crowd around us seeing the prince off, someone shoots an arrow, which lands on the prince's purple cloak, sticking it into the ground, and dragging him off of the chariot.

Ezra and I suddenly have staves, along with another of my friends, I didn't know who, and we chase the person who fired the arrow. We catch the assassin and begin having a fight with the staves, and he defends himself well, and then he hits my unknown friend over the head with his stick, and it cracks at two places, bending at the point where it cracked, so that it is in three equal peices, which he then uses to squeeze my friends head. He stops, and my friends head begins to expand.

At this point, we are on a staircase, on the side of a building that is on a hillside. We continue to fight, though I'm not sure what he was using, and finally Ezra hits him on the head. We all stop, and the assassin's head begins to swell as well, becoming rather bulbous. He then says (I think this is it exactly): "It starts to rain, and then the elephants comes and takes you away." It immediately began to drizzle, and then, from behind us, and above us on the stairs, a pink elephant, walking on two legs, runs down and grabs the assassin, continues running, then disappears around the corner of the building at the bottom of the stairs, holding the assassin.

I woke up in a cold sweat, thinking that the assassin was right, but not knowing what had just happened. I guess 14 year olds just have strange dreams.