As if there wasn't enough cleaning to do here in Israel for Passover, suddenly the war's over, and we can clean up our sealed rooms. Imagine this: to seal our sealed room effectively, we had to tape first the windows themselves, then put plastic over the window, and tape that to the frame. Then, of course, people reccomended that the seal between the wall and the plastic be caulked, so that the chemical weapons really can't get in.

Anyways, now it is time to remove what caution dictated we erect, and I'm not exactly thrilled at the prospect. Did you know that caulk needs to be peeled off? Don't worry though, it takes the paint with it. So does duct tape left on a wall for a month.

So that leaves only about 30 hours till Passover, and not even close to enough time to get everything done for the Seder, I'm taking a nap.