The Seamier Side of Tampa

As a 2.5 year veteran of living in the Tampa area, I have a few points of interest to add:

The Castle in Ybor City-feeling a little gothy? Head on down here to a giant goth club run and frequented by goths, rivetheads, and banktellers dressed in black. The "Gothic Lounge" downstairs will get you your drinks faster and a dollar cheaper. (and your elbows and smokes soggy..they actually have a little stream that meananders along the surface of the bar..seriously). I got a number at this club was from some junkie girl that I hope I didn't catch anything from.

The Strip Clubs: there are many, many of these. Covers usually range in the $5-$10 dollar range, and the clubs themselves range from seedy joints to palatial houses of decandance. It's a moot point, you can see all the strippers at 3AM at the local Denny's anyways.

The Whores: cruise any industrial area after dark and take your pick. $10-15 for oral, $20-30 for "around the world". Watch your wallet.

Hey, You know Heir Ron?: swing on down to 15th street for a fix of the yummy white devil powder. You're gana get ripped off, and probally robbed, but you never know. In the mood for crack? It's all butta, baby.

Nude Beach: well, not really, but there is a little pull off by the power plant at the end of McMullen that people run around topless.

The After Hours: this is tricky. There is one right in downtown, very close to where that little plane hit, that is free to get in. It costs $10 to sit though. Seriously. Who ever brainstormed that was a genius.

So there you have it! Head on down to the lap dance capitol of the world (oh wait, that pesky 6' rule is in effect), and have a night full of fun. Don't mention my name, it won't open any doors.