Memorial Day Weekend, immortalized. What a fucked up three days. Friday night spent with Onya, drank a bit, talked in Windigo, and torwards the end, decided to try some liquid codeine. onya had it for her bronchitis, and offered me a swig, to mellow out. One swig. Yum. Fuzzy. Two swigs, three swigs, floor. The problem is that I'm allergic to codiene and didn't know..tried to go to sleep, end up hearing voices, and seeing visions. It even got to the point where the voices where asking me if I was okay. Sheesh. Spent Saturday trying not to puke and dealing with my skin being on fire. Fun. Saturday night, slept, woke up at 12am and had breakfast with Thor..we figured out the duality of God, and all that shit you talk about at 3am in the morning at Denny's. Sunday, well, ole Garryn's gonna throw himself a going away party. Invited about 10 people, about 6 showed..not bad for Florida. Even invited Megan, knowing full well she wouldn't come. Nobody there cares for her anyays. Wonder why i still kinda do. The topper, kicker, coup de'tat, was coming home this afternoon. My roomamte, the Ash Nazi, was lying on the floor with her legs up on the couch. "What's up?" she looks at me. "You're not gonna like you room". Thinking something was wrong, I open the door and look in, not seeing anything at first. "what do you mean?" then I say the globs of butter on two of my paintings" WHAT THE FUCK! throwing keys at the wall and screaming. Guess oone of my guests, or maybe me a few days ago, ashed in her tub of butter. So she smears it on two of my paintings, one of whcih was almost done of a golden demon, was planning on giving it as a gift to someone before I leave this shithole. I blew. Locked myself in my room and got really high, then left to go to the office to do this. I hate florida