Another weekend of sunny hell. Spent the past two days
sitting in a bar on the beach, staring at the Gulf of
Mexico, drinking cheap beer with money I should be
saving to get out of this place. Copied more of my
crappy poetry into THE BOOK, wrote nothing new.
Talked with Windigo, yesterday, a mutliple of
of times since my cell hates working inside. We seem to
have both gotten what was needed off our chests, right
honey? Looking forward to tearing up Baltimore ;)
As it all comes to a head, the saying of goodbyes, the
final tying of loose ends, the packing, I find myself
morbidly awaiting some sort of climax, some final
ending to my stay down here. At the very least, someone
could say "PHUCK YOU, GO HOME". I wonder if they will
I find myself almost unwilling to talk to anyone new
as it seems everyone new wants to talk to me. I just
out of this place, these people, apathetic aquantiances
and slow-ass ederly drivers. Florida is hell.