's good to see my evil sister is enjoying herself..glad I don't have any olive oil in my veins, my dear. (And I don't want to hear where the hell Hungarians vacation..that's b.s.)
Sleep holds only fear for me these days..the dreams are way too real, so I stay awake to the point of insanity just so I can be too exhausted to dream..only 3 more weeks of this hell. Then back to the great white North.
A poem to piss off you anal teckie types:(come on, you love em, you know it)


It comes to me,
over-neath, warm
wave of bliss,
dividing me cat-scan,
captured whole,
leaving me less
content, realised,
spent, euthanised;
sliding down
the wet corridor to my soul
fingers splayed
along the blanket
of my heavy skin;
through denial,
sweet lover leaves me,
desiring more.

A final quote for this glorious day May 18th:
Don't believe everything you think.