I found Chango (a blue-purple Beta) belly up this morning at 11:00 am.

He was acting oddly last night around 4 am, racing wildly around the bowl, not wanting to eat, and when I stuck my (clean) finger in the bowl, he nudged it instead of backing away. I went to bed amused but not worried-he was always a fiesty fishy.

And now he's snuffed it. I wrapped him in a paper towel like a little chango burrito and buried him outside the window in a shallow grave dug with a table spoon. I had planned on bringing him out to Colorado on my impending roadtrip, in a tall glass stuck in the cupholder. Chango was good company-he always listened and never interupted.

R.I.P. King Chango 11/01-5/15/02
A Good Fish He Was

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
My body is there, but I do not sleep.
(it's hard to do so, when buried one inch deep)

Do not stand at my grave and cry,
my good days have all gone by
(he was a fish, all days were good, right?)

I now dream of a watery other side-
My body is there, but my spirits alive.
(poor lil Chango, he missed a hell of a ride)

instead of flowers, please go to the nearest Petco and rescue as many betas from their corporate hell as possible in Changos memory. Thank you.