Betsy- The Princess Bride is the ultimate fairy tale love story, with some great puns. He's a romantic. Or smart.

So today I did nothing but sleep till noon and putz around the house listening to NIN and Nick Cave. Fun day. Spent the evening battling this EVIL Dell Digo left me with. Blasted thing is cursed.

Going to Comp USA tomorrow down the road to check out jobs. Hear they have a good employee discount

After that, back to the haunted hills of Woodstock, ct, to reclaim Lilith (my car). Tire blew out on her, so she got new skins. Found it ironic that my mom lost the key on the way to pick her boyfriend outta rehab..suddenly cured the day after I leave for LI. That's my windspirit, looking out for me (grin) Pink Floyd's Pulse video is almost over, and I need sleep. Ciao kids-