I always love it when a piece goes neg on rep, lets me know that I'm doing a great job (grin) What, nobody likes my whining?
Cruised the Long Island boards..there isn't much going on out here. I seriously doubt there are many fellow bohemians kicking around this area..not with rent at $1600 a month..sigh, aren't there any rich freaks?
Life as a loner would be so much easier if I didn't need people as much as I dislike reaching out. Seems once they get close, they dissapear. Makes you wonder why you should keep trying. I have an easier time talking to strangers than people I know.
I hate sleeping on the floor, even a carpeted on. The aches in my back come a close second to my right hand, which is still swollen. I think I broke my pinky knuckle.
Note to self. Punching slate is dumb. Anger only reflects back on the angry.